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MarketBase is a comprehensive online database for UK IT B2B sales lead generation. MarketBase offers the B2B marketer unrivalled access to pinpoint accurate customer intelligence. MarketBase enables you to design effective business sales lead generation campaigns for both direct marketing and online marketing prospects through our trusted accurate records.

Access MarketBase database online anywhere, anytime with a subscription. MarketBase database is a web application and very simple to start using with no installation or setup complications. Data is regularly updated on to the live system so you will always have the freshest data.

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MarketBase offers unparalleled accuracy of data for your B2B sales lead generation needs.

Our accuracy is founded upon our unique research methodology, continually refined during our 14 years in research.

Our data is stringently checked using various techniques:

  • Rigorous 3-stage quality check throughout data inputting
  • Benchmarking against Office of National Statistics figures
  • Insightful data corroboration e.g. using company websites and annual reports
  • Intuitive anomaly checks
  • CIO 100 - data re-verified before going to press
  • C-suite contacts verified for circulation purposes



Reach every organisation in the UK with 149+ employees with pinpoint accuracy.

Penetrate the most lucrative prospects by using our 40+ search fields

Conduct gap and market analysis to drive strategy by using MarketBase to investigate your competitors’ profiles and clients purchase decisions.

Reach the top IT decision-makers in the field including CEO, CFO, CIO and all senior IT decision-makers, the most influential IT managers and senior staff.

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MarketBase, B2B data service, nets you the best results, presenting market insight and client infrastructure profiles to help you construct effective, strategic B2B marketing campaigns.

Meet your business marketing research needs and achieve the best results with this premier IT sales lead generation service.

  • Enjoy invaluable insight into your competitors’ activities.
  • Reduce cost and waste, MarketBase ensures you reach only the key prospects you require
  • Maximise your reach, MarketBase provides unrivalled market insight and customer intelligence